Call to Action for Android

12/9/2016 - Android app update

We’re stoked to announce that you can now add and manage call to actions using the Android app. You can now create a fully functional gridsite all from your Android mobile device! If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can get it at the Google Play Store.

Creating a Call to Action (CTA) is built right into the Grid. You can do so by tapping Add Call-To-Action button right on your admin dashboard.

You can share the following that will appear as a button in your header:

  • Your phone number - You'll want to enter your phone number without and country code and with no special characters.
  • Your Email - Enter a valid email address.
  • Internal posts on your site - Select a post that is published to your site.
  • External links to other websites - Enter the URL of the site to link. Include http:// in the URL.

Once you have specified one of the above, you'll be prompted to label the CTA. This will be be the title of the button as it appears on your site. When you're done, the CTA will appear on your dashboard:

After your site updates with your new CTA, the button you just created on your live gridsite.