12/16/16 - Webapp Update


We’ve made some awesome updates to the webapp over the last few days. The biggest and best change is that we now have collaborative publishing on the webapp. Previously, you could only invite collaborators using the Android app. Now, you can invite people to work on your sites with you even if they aren’t members (Yes, they’ll get a free account for the purpose of working on the site you invited them to collaborate on).

UI Improvements

We’ve also made some nice looking changes to the UI! You’ll see the preview link and the settings in the top left. Also, you’ll notice the easy on the eyes spacing for the tabs. We’ve also changed “Unpublished” to the more ubiquitous “Drafts” for your posts that aren’t live on your site yet. We’ve also fixed some other nagging bugs and stability issues. We think you’ll like the progress we’ve been making as we sprint out to the end of 2016. More to come!

Gave @thegrid a retry today after having left 2 months ago disappointed. They progressed by leaps and bounds in the meanwhile! #investment